Independent Driving Lessons

So why do we recommend driving lessons from an Independent Driving School?

1) An Independent Driving Instructor doesn't have huge marketing campaigns and there is little brand awareness even after they have been working in an area for years. Therefore they have to work hard to give quality lessons because their business relys heavily on recommendations from satisfied customers.

2) Independent Driving Schools set their own targets: this means there's less pressure to squeeze as many driving lessons in as possible.

3) An independent Driving Instuctor can focus their driving lessons on local towns and pupils, instead of taking on learners in areas they are less familiar with, where they will have less knowledge of the roads used for the test.

4) Because the Driving Instructor owns the school, the pupil is more likely to have the same driving instructor throughout the course of driving lessons. Large franchises have a turnover of instructors that leave, either to set-up their own school, or move to a different school. They are not supposed to take their pupils with them.

5) Because the Driving School is local, pupils should receive a more personal service. For example, texts and phone calls answered outside of core working hours. Driving lesson pick-ups and drop-offs around the area should be no problem.

6) Ultimately, the majority of Driving Instructors aim to set up their own Driving School. Many gain experience at a large franchise and then use their knowledge to set-up a driving school local to where they live.