e-DrivingLessons Guidelines

Below you will find the list of criteria we use to create our recommended Driving Lessons list.

1) Experience - a Driving Instructor who has been teaching for 3 years will have more experience of pupil types, teaching methods, local roads, text centres etc. than an Instructor who has been teaching for 1 year.

2) The 2 year milestone - according to statistics, 50% of Driving Instructors quit within 18 months.

3) Extra qualifications - Driving Instructors that take further training on top of the official DSA Driving Instructor test.

4) Personal touch - websites that are professional but more importantly: written by the instructor and showing a genuine energy and enthusiasm. There are many template Driving School websites with standard content created by the web design company.

5) Landline - bearing in mind the statistic that 50% of instructors quit within 18 months, the schools that have been around longer, tend to show a LOCAL landline number (not 0800, 0845 etc.) AND a mobile number.

6) Pass Rates - this is a tricky one because it's fairly easy to adjust a pass rate to show more favourable figures. For example, a 75% 1st time pass rate sounds great, but does it apply to the past month, 6 months, year etc.

7) Grading - There are 3 grades for Driving Instructors 4, 5 and 6. 6 being the highest and most difficult grade to obtain. Where a Driving School mentions the grade, it's always good (5 or 6).

Note: remember that the best driving lessons take place when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself. This can often be down to the pupil and instructor relationship. There are plenty of Driving Schools out there, so if you're having doubts about your lessons, move elsewhere - it's your money!